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Morocco, 1968

Over at Idiom, I’ve written a little something about the French filmmaker, former boyfriend of Nico, and perpetual enfant terrible Philippe Garrel, whose new film A Burning Hot Summer opens this week in New York.

Like practically all of Garrel’s films, it’s a fictionalized version of episodes from the filmmaker’s life. This one’s about his friendship with the painter Frédéric Pardo, who died in 2005, and whose psych-Romantic-Symbolist work graces the cover of Le Berceau de cristal, the face-melting Ash Ra Tempel soundtrack to the 1976 Garrel film of the same name.

The reason for all this backstory? Pardo also dabbled in film, making a short work that he—modestly—called Home Movie with his then-girlfriend Tina Aumont, who was filming yet another Garrel film (the experimental hippie-visionary Jesus epic La Lit de la Vierge) in Morrocco in 1968. You can watch a fragment of it on YouTube (though note that the music you hear has been added to this clip by the uploader):

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Brooklyn Props

Great guy out of Sunset Park putting together this online magazine.  A warm reminder of all that is still good and pure about Brooklyn and real hip-hop music

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Russian jellyfish

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Family Matters: Remix

No words to describe it. Just watch!

Via: egotrip

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Old School Painted Jackets

Just came across some slides I found on the ground of one of my favorite Junk/Record stores a few years back.

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Touch My Bloody Valentine Sweater

Kevin Shields has been dangling the possibility of the first new My Bloody Valentine record in two decades, and Pitchfork wants to believe.

Meanwhile, here is a video I made with my sweater a few months ago. Happy Valentine’s Day again.

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Corey Arnold Ocean Photography

More here.

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Hybrid Moment (Rafaël Rozendaal, 2009)

Hybrid Moment, and everything else at

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Kool Keith “Bushman”

Bushman for president!!!!!

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Grimes “Oblivion”

From the artist’s new album Visions.

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